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StaffPro is a Professional Employer Organization born of the need to consolidate services and decrease costs. With a combined 50 years of payroll and HR management experience, StaffPro offers its clients employer services with professionalism and a focus on client and employer needs. Experienced in healthcare, transportation, food service, schools, professional practices, manufacturing and non-profit organizations, we have a broad base of knowledge in the employment arena.


StaffPro brings you the broadest range of business solutions that can help you increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve employee retention and control costs.StaffPro employer services provide your business with leading payroll, benefits, HR and tax solutions.


StaffPro is committed to a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Professionalism and accuracy are of paramount importance. StaffPro is a business services company that subscribes to the theory that Value Added Services offer only added cost - not value. StaffPro's services add value without increasing cost.

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