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Payroll Services

Payroll and payroll tax obligations are at the core of our services. StaffPro provides a full-service solution that encompasses all payroll functions and allows our client's employees to focus on productive functions which add to the bottom line. 

  • Payroll processing

  • Payroll management

  • StaffPro pays all applicable payroll taxes to the appropriate agencies

  • Production and distribution of year-end W-2s

  • Direct deposit

  • Compatible with a number of time and attendance systems

  • Processing and payment of garnishes

  • Quarterly employee reports

  • Interaction with client's accountants for quarterly and year-end reporting


You can turn to your us for those tough legal questions. StaffPro can help with guidance concerning terminations, as well as any obligations to comply with employment and workplace laws and regulations that seem to change every year. 

  • StaffPro manages and stores employee records

  • StaffPro consults on compliance requirements including ACA, COBRA and FMLA

  • StaffPro offers qualified deferred savings retirement plan options including 401K

  • StaffPro processes and follows through all unemployment claims

  • StaffPro provides customized employee handbooks at a reasonable cost to you

  • StaffPro is your in-house, off-site HR department

Healthcare Options

Today's business owner is faced with the challenge of rising healthcare costs and the demands from employees for variety and affordability. Medical insurance remains an essential bargaining chip for recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce. StaffPro offers competitive options such as an assortment of HMO & POS options, dental and vision benefit plans, and the processing of COBRA plans.​

  • Life Insurance

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Long-Term Disability

  • Flexible Spending Account

  • Hospital Intensive Care

  • Specified Health Event

  • Cancer Insurance

  • Accident Insurance

  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity

  • Hospital Sickness Indemnity

Online System

You receive all of the flexibility of having access to your payroll data 24x7 with the convenience of a payroll company to manage the payroll processing, tax payments and impounding of funds.  Online Employer couples your payroll data with our other products so you only require one log-in to access your information across all areas of Online Employer.

  • Fully web-based solution available 24x7 from any Internet connection

  • Password protection ensures appropriate personnel access information based upon job responsibilities

  • Manage salary, training and other personal information

  • View/Print check stubs on the web

  • Reduce employee inquiries for information

  • View attendance balances for sick/vacation time

  • Reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel

  • Employees are able to view their W-2 at year end

Risk Management

Maintaining a safe work environment is essential for every place of business. Staffpro offers risk management services, assuring our clients that they are in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Staffpro - not the client - deals with audits

  • Clients pay weekly, instead of one lump sum, allowing for cash flow

  • StaffPro handles claims administration

  • StaffPro deals with injury notifications and accident investigations

  • StaffPro assists with OSHA compliance

  • Safety and risk-management programs: visits and training, at discounted rates

Tax Filing

We do more than just manage your payroll. We also collect and pay your employer and employee tax obligations each pay period. - We ensure that these payments are made for you quickly and reliably. 

  • Timely and accurate filing of all payroll tax deposits and returns

  • We respond to tax agency inquiries

  • Federal, State and Local Tax Deposit Summaries

  • Individual Employee Earnings History

  • Employee W-2 Forms

  • Federal, State and Local Recaps

  • 1099 Tax Forms

  • Copies of Federal W-3 Forms and Federal Unemployment 940 Tax Return

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